We offer your choice of two body styles in our diver line, the Mitchells Bay (shown right) and the Erie Diver (shown below). 
   All decoys are covered with an armor like coating or burlaped. The Armor coating offers added protection, allows for a sure grip finish on those extra cold days, and also adds a three dimensional non-glare surface.                        Price is $240.00 per dozen.

      We also offer optional glass eyes, textured heads, and can add a custom brand to your keels.
   Please see Heads/Keels/Bags page for pricing.
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   These are magnum decoys made from solid EPS Polystyrene foam.  The heads are solid Urethane with reinforced bills. Our heads will not shatter when accidently hit from a stray pellet. 
   The keels are made from composite decking material and are maintenance free. We use only the highest quality oil base paints. The bodies are air brushed by hand, and each head is hand painted.